Saturday, 19 April 2008

Updating of Meeting Posts

Having some extra time, I started to update the posts about the places I visited when attending some Telecommunication and Submarine Cable Meetings, with other photos from my archive, in benefit of all my friends still in duty. I also will upload some of SMW-3 meeting photos to Singtel website as requested by Frank (via Guenter). Already update posts:
Mauritius Island - SAT-3 (Sept 2000) - updated 12 April 2008
Reunion Island - SAT-3 (Nov 2001) - updated 12 April 2008
Langkawi, Malaysia - SAT-3 (Apr 2003) - updated 14 April 2008
Bangkok, Thailand - SMW-3 (Aug 2003) - updated 15 April 2008
Dallas, USA - Columbus-III (May 2004) - updated 16 April 2008
Dallas, USA - Columbus-III (May 2000) - updated 16 April 2008
India, Cochin & Mumbai - SMW-3 (Sept 2004) - updated 18 April 2008
Nice, France - SAT-3 (Oct 1999) - new post 19 April 2008
Singapore - SMW-3 (July 2005) - updated 19 April 2008

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

SMW-3 - HongKong 1999

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Learning how to use the chinese chopsticks and drinking watermelon juice and local beer in the Jumbo Floating Restaurant HongKong restaurant, after a "hard" SMW-3 Cable System AR&RSC meeting (April 1999).
Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong Island, where Hong Kong Telecom took us for the official dinner of SMW-3 AR&RSC meeting, in April 1999.

Some photos from official dinner at Jumbo Floating Restaurant.
Tzannes (Greece) at the HongKong airport

Some photos of HongKong.

Walk The Peak - For really stunning views, walk around The Peak and take in the spectacular Hong Kong skyline, the world-famous Victoria Harbour and Kowloon. Best views can be enjoyed from the Lions Pavilion, adjacent to the Peak Tram or the Lugard Road lookout - about a 15-minute walk from the Peak Station - offering striking 270-degree views of the surroundings.

From the top of The Peak.

Monday, 7 April 2008

ATLANTIS-2 - Dakar 1999

Dakar, July 1999. In the ferry boat to Goree Island, after a Atlantis-2 Submarine Cable System AR&RSC meeting in Dakar. Only fifteen minutes takes from Dakar to join the island of Goree.

Visiting Slaves House, Goree Rue Saint Germain, with Mrs Anta from Senegal and Eduardo from Cape Verd. In turn occupied by the Portugal, the Dutch, the French and the English that gave it to the French 1817, Goree was a required stop over for the European ships in destination to America or Asia. With the abolition of slavery in 1848, the decline of the island was certain, especially with the creation of Dakar in 1857 and Rufisque in 1859. From 1929, Goree was attached to the capital

Armando, Barbosa ?(Brasil) and Guillermo Caneto (Chairman from Argentina) making some local shopping.

Dakar public transportation.

Official dinner in a nice boat-restaurant in Dakar bay (photos taken with PowerShot 350 - 350Kpixel).
Some postcards from Dakar.

ARC - Oxford 1999

The wonderful Weston Manor Hotel where Cable & Wireless hosted the Atlantic Restoration Committee (ARC) Meeting in Oxford, in June 1999. I remember, as well as Jim Brack, some problems with the copying machines ... Those were the days of paper meetings.

Delegates disguised as "Knights of the Round Table" for the official dinner. Thanks to Ken Kasley (a lover of Portuguese sardines, red wine and Cascais).

Mamadou and Armando Iemma.

I and Sergio Pace during lunch time.

Some photos of the beautiful Oxford.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Columbus-III - Palermo 1999

Politeama Theatre.

San Giovanni degli Eremiti.

A normal street in Palermo.

Some views of Palermo, where Columbus-III AR&RSC meeting was held in January 1999, hosted by Telecom Italia.

Mazara del Vallo where Columbus-III Submarine Cable System lands in Italy.
Temple of Concorde and some ruins near Agrigento, visited during our short weekend touristic tour, in a rented car.

Arriving at Taormina, the very nice small town of Sicily Island.

Etna viewed from Taormina.

With Juan Amescua in Taormina highest view point.

Some postcards and tickets.