Wednesday, 5 March 2008

CLPP - Washington 1998

Union General John A. "Black Jack" Logan statue.

Alfred B. Mullet's Old executive Office Building.
Pennsylvania Avenue during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's inauguration parade on January 20, 1941.

Navy Memorial in Market Square on Pennsylvania Avenue left side.

Union Station.

After a CLPP meeting in Washington, in October 1998, hosted by AT&T. This meeting was very short of photos, although Washington has a lot of nice places to visit and photograph as Georgetown University, Park and Barnes&Noble buildings, Lincoln Memorial, Old Post Office Building, Lybrary of Congress, Capitol Hill, Air and Space Museum and others.

The Capitol at the enf of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Two photos of Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials taken during early morning jogging before the meeting start.

Union Station.

White House.

Some postcards from Washington.


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