Saturday, 9 February 2008

SMW-3 - Tokyo 1997

Watching the sunrise from hotel room in Shinjuku, Tokyo, while recovering from jet-lag, before attending a SMW-3 Cable System TWG meeting in KDD headquarters. (Sep 1997).

Shinjuku quartier showing Keio Plaza Hotel and KDD building where meeting was held.

Keio Plaza Hotel and Shinjuku Metropolitan Building.

Shinjuku shopping streets colors.

Tokyo's version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, built in 1958.

Ginza, the shopping and entertainment capital of Tokyo.

Tokyo Metro Network Map in September 1997.

Advertising on the back of Tokyo Metro Map.

A short visit to Yasukuni Shrine and to The Great Buddha in Kamakura.

The beautiful National Garden (Gyoen) close to Shinjuku station.

Hard Rock Café in Roppongi, a district that lives for the night.
The Nijubashi Bridge, the main gate to the Imperial Palace.


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