Friday, 2 January 2009

SAT-3 - Libreville 2005

During next week I will be in Libreville and it will be a pity if I have not some extra time to take this navette to Pointe Denis and taste the Castle Beer.

Libreville International airport photo taken from internet.

This is my last post before leaving for Libreville, capital of Gabon, one more country I have a chance to visit in Africa, which history is related with Portuguese navigators.In fact, around 1470, the Portuguese navigators found the Ogooué estuary and started the consequent trade with coastal marchants for slaves. Later they were followed by the Dutch, English and French traders, which by the late 18th century gained a dominant position.See more about Gabon history, here.

During the meeting in Gabon Telecom Headquarters.
Some militar elements in the main road outside the hotel.

Making some shopping in Libreville.

Our support during the meeting and shopping afternoon allowing a nice photo oportunity.

Visiting the cable station.

Libreville - A night view from Atlantic Hotel towards the city, taken from the beach, after the official dinner offered by Gabon Telecom (28 September 2005). Mbolo means good morning in Gabonais.

Libreville NKEMBO Church - Family photo of SAT3/WASC/SAFE Cable System meeting delegates (with some extras) 30/09/2005.

Libreville - Il faut dire qu'on mange bien au Gabon. Voici une bonne sugestion: Crocodile avec banana et la délicieuse bière locale Régab.I recommend all beer drinkers to have a seep of Regab. It possesses a light taste to the mouth and tongue and is definitely the best way to survive during warm and moist evenings in hot Gabon... (photo Isabelle Kubica, Sep 2005).

Chez Tedd, Libreville - Waves, Defrisage, Gonfle, Voircissage, Bouclage, Peintage et Sechage.
Some local shops close to the Nkembo church.

NKEMBO Church, Libreville - Women talking about life, in the open air, outside the church.


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