Thursday, 16 August 2007

MEDRET - Madeira Island 1993

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Family photo of Mediterranean Restoration Working Group (MEDRET) meeting in Funchal, Madeira Island, in October 1993. Delegates to this meeting were from Portugal (host), Spain, France, Italy, Morooco (Chairman), Tunisie and Greece.

Photo of meeting table published on local newspaper "Jornal da Madeira"

Some delegates walking down to a viewpoint, in the route to Curral das Freiras, during the short tour offered by the hosting company, Marconi S.A (merged by PTC in 2002).

The bay of Funchal, the capital of Madeira island.

These traditional houses are typical of Santana village located in the north cost, which are unique to Madeira. They are small and triangular built of natural stone, thatched with straw and brightly painted. Originating in the 16-th century, the oldest surviving examples are no more than 100 years old. The triangular shape serves as a protection from the rain and for sleeping in (bathrooms are set well away from the houses). The hillsides around are also set with thatched byres where cows are kept to protect them from wondering along narrow terrace paths.

Market of Funchal, bustling with stalls for people selling flowers, fruit, vegetables, fish, and a few odds and ends (baskets, leather goods, tourist items, etc).

Madeira flower Proteia real (Protea cynaroides or King Protea originated from South Africa). Protea cynaroides is a woody shrub with thick stems and large dark green, glossy leaves. Most plants are one metre in height when mature, but may vary according to locality and habitat. Its flowers blossom during summer and can be seen in many gardens.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

ARC - Edinburgh 1993

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Atlantic Restoration Committee meeting in Edinburgh in June 1993. From these 30 fellows, most of them are retired and only four or five are still working for their companies, I presume.

Huntly House Museum in Canongate old street.

John Knox's House in High Street, Edinburgh.

Some delegates to the ARC meeting having a pint (or two) in the pub "The Filling Station", in the High Street, after the close of the meeting, in June 1993. Unfortunately our friend Franco Cifariello left us some years after this meeting.

Some photos from Edinburgh.