Thursday, 3 April 2008

ATLANTIS-2 - Darmstadt 1999

Luisenplatz with its decorative new pavement in the city center.

Darmstadt Main Railway Station, built in 1912.
Delegates to Atlantis-2 Cable System AR&RSC Meeting, hosted by Deutsch Telekom in Darmstadt, in February 1999.
The meeting was held in Deutsch Telekom building, in front of the hotel. Only fifteen minutes walking. The snow was not a problem.

A visit to Heidelberg and its very nice castle. The weather was not the best to see Heidelberg but it was a nice afternoon.

The official dinner in Auerbach Castle with some medieval fun.

Some postcards of Heidelgerg and the big wine container (221.726 lts, 8.5 meters long and 7 meters high) , from XVII century.


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