Friday, 11 July 2008

SAT-3 - Accra 2002

Shopping some souvenirs with Guenter.

M. Plaza Hotel in Accra.

Jean Louis, David and Peter near the swimming pool.

A short visit to the beach of Accra, close to the market.

During the SAT3/WASC/SAFE Cable System meeting, in Accra in October 2002, hosted by Ghana Telecom.

With a friend from India and Likiti from Benin.

kiti from Benin, his wife and Fofana from Ivory Coast.

Official dinner in a very nice open air restaurant, close to the beach. Good moments to remember.

During the meeting in Accra, we had a chance to have a view of the Lake Volta & Akosombo Dam near the capital Accra. Accra was founded by the Ga people in the fifteenth century as a centre for trade with the Portuguese, who built a fort in the town, followed by the Swedish, Dutch, French, British and Danish by the end of the seventeenth century.

Jean Louis and Emmanuel.

With my friend Jean Louis Garnier, visiting Accra center and the cable station after the meeting.

Anglican Church in Accra.

Shopping Center Opera in Accra.

The last beer at Accra airport.

Some postcards of Accra.


Anonymous Vieira Calado said...

Grandes vidas...


Vim aqui à procura do endereço parta colocá-lo numa lista, no meu blog.


14 December 2008 at 23:21  
Anonymous JFS said...

Foram dez anos de viagens em serviço como representante da Marconi, onde visitei vários lugares e fiz bastantes amigos, alguns já reformados. É essencialmente para eles que coloco estas fotos no site, com uma deriva do objectivo inicial deste blogue que era o de mostrar as minhas fotos de Lisboa e notícias sobre o xadrez.

15 December 2008 at 14:53  

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