Sunday, 15 June 2008

SAT-3 - Cape Town 2001

Cape of Good Hope - A trip to Cape Point, where in 1488 Bartholomeu Dias, the Portuguese seafarer, was the first to sail around it, is a must for any Cape Town visitor, during a SAT-3 Cable System meeting in Cape Towon. The name Cape of Good Hope was given by King John of Portugal as Cabo da Boa Esperança and another Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, rounded the Cape on 22 November 1497 on his way to India.

The Cullinan hotel in Cape Town where SAT-3 meeting was held in 2001, hosted by Telkom SA (May 2001).

Cape Town - Very nice lighthouse at Green Point. I discovered it when walking from the Waterfront to the Queens' beach by the Beach Road.
Seaside view in Mouille Point, close to the Waterfront.
Ana Munoz, José Pinillos (Spain) and I, on the top of Table Mountain.
Bee Lan (Singapore) and Vinty (Mauritius).
A view from the top of Table Mountain.
Postcards from Cape Town, showing the Table Mountain, the Cable Car and the Waterfront.


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