Saturday, 3 January 2009

SAT-3 - Assen 2006

A complete week without posting, to attend SAT3/WASC/SAFE Cable System AR&RSC meeting in Assen, Holland, hosted by KPN, in July 2006.
Having a beer break in the esplanade.

Meeting coffee break.

The nice place where official dinner took place.

Assen street in a quiet afternoon, before night busy hours.

After meeting we had the chance to confirm Assen is not only the place of World Superbike Championship. Although has no historical monuments, the Provincial Museum is worth a visit, as well as the windmill museum (Molenmuseum) De Wachter.
The house of windmill museum responsible's family, with some small horses in the back. A very nice and quiet place for living.

Windmill wing detail, when fixed in he vertical position, either for adjustment of aileron according with the wind speed or in the standby position, as it was the case.
Walking down the Damrak from Damsquare to the Central Station.
Central Station in Amsterdam.

I and Jim spending the last afternoon in Amsterdam after the meeting.
A house in one of the Amsterdam channels.

Waiting for their turn in Damsquare, Amsterdam.


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