Monday, 7 April 2008

ATLANTIS-2 - Dakar 1999

Dakar, July 1999. In the ferry boat to Goree Island, after a Atlantis-2 Submarine Cable System AR&RSC meeting in Dakar. Only fifteen minutes takes from Dakar to join the island of Goree.

Visiting Slaves House, Goree Rue Saint Germain, with Mrs Anta from Senegal and Eduardo from Cape Verd. In turn occupied by the Portugal, the Dutch, the French and the English that gave it to the French 1817, Goree was a required stop over for the European ships in destination to America or Asia. With the abolition of slavery in 1848, the decline of the island was certain, especially with the creation of Dakar in 1857 and Rufisque in 1859. From 1929, Goree was attached to the capital

Armando, Barbosa ?(Brasil) and Guillermo Caneto (Chairman from Argentina) making some local shopping.

Dakar public transportation.

Official dinner in a nice boat-restaurant in Dakar bay (photos taken with PowerShot 350 - 350Kpixel).
Some postcards from Dakar.


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