Monday, 5 January 2009

Last post

Being retired since November 2006, I will keep this blog as an archive to be visited by friends and colleagues from Telecoms who participated in these meetings.

These three posts below are the last ones with photos I colleted from our meetings.
Morristown, USA - CLPP (November 2000)
Washington, USA - CLPP (October 1998)
Langkawi, Malaysia - SAT-3 AR&RSC (July 2000)
In the meetings below, I did not take any photos showing any delegate, but only local views. If any delegate to these meetings have some pics and would like to contribute, I will be pleased to publish them.
-Atlanta, USA - Columbus-III AR&RSC meeting (Sep 1994)
-Estoril, Portugal - ARC meeting (June 1994)
-London, UK - SMW-3 TWG (July 1997)
-Chantilly, France - Medret (Oct 1997)
-Lyon, France - SMW-3 TWG (Feb 1997)
-Brusseles, Belgium - SMW-3 AR&RSC (Mar 2000)
-Naples, USA - Atlantis-2 AR&RSC (Oct 2001)


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