Saturday, 8 December 2007

ARC - Bakubung 1995

South Africa - Bakubung Bush Lodge and the family photo of ARC meeting in 1995.

Two hippos resting close to the fence, in front of the Bakubung open-air restaurant in 1995. Bakubung means "Place of the Hippo".

I, John Willis, John Pederson and Guenter.

John Pederson, Roberto Santos and John Willis

Roberto Santos and John Pederson.

Joahn Mayer, ___, Kobus Stoeder, Alain Polloni; ___ in Sun City Café.

Serge Valés, Phil Rivera (Chairman), Mayer, Elviro and Papa Fara Diouf.

Everybody gathering close to the fire, some with blankets given to us during the route to barbeque South Africa style (braai) place in the middle of Pilansberg Park, using open cars. The temperature dropped from 23º in the afternoon to -3 º in the night. Elviro and Roberto can confirm. Return to home page.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

MEDRET - Crete 1995

Part of the Venetian Quarter of Chania.

Chania in Crete, was the place where the 20th Medret meeting was hosted by OTE, in 1995. A very nice and cheap place to visit in holydays.

Two delegates presenting their papers during the meeting.

All delegates in a touristic afternoon, in Knossos, the site of the most important and better known palace of Minoan civilization.
Another view of Knossos palace ruins, before heading for Heraklion, during the 20th Medret meeting in 1995.
A view of Venetian fortress of Heraklion, the largest city and capital of Crete and the birthplace of El Greco.
20th Medret meeting family photo, outside of hotel in Chania, with the beach in the back.
MEDRET stands for Restoration Working Group of Mediterranean and Black Sea (Group de Rétablissement de la Mediterranée et de la Mer Noire, in french).