Thursday, 1 May 2008

SAT-3 - Mauritius Islands 2000

Mauritius Islands - Fishing boats in the east coast near Flack Point, during a short tour after SAT3/WASC/SAFE Cable System meeting in September 2000, hosted by Mauritius Telecom.

Mauritius Islands - A very nice beach in front of Coco Beach Hotel in Belle-Mare. In that time my camera was a Canon PowerShot 350 with only 350,000 pixel.
Likitti (Benin) and Emmanuel (Ghana) posing to my camera in the open air market in Port-Louis.
Peter Mason (South Africa) and Emmanuel (Ghana).
Fofana (Cote D'Ivoire) and _____ (Cameron)
Chairman Manuel Ramin (FT) says goodbye to SAT-3 meeting delegates, since is moving to another department.
The offical dinner took place in a very nice Indian Restaurant in Port-Louis.
Gale Purchase (South Africa), David (UK), Juan Dominguez (France) and I.
Ana Munoz (Spain) returned to her place to be included in the photo.
Mauritius Telecom boss, Likitti (Benin), Manuel Ramin (France) and Fofana (Cote Ivoire).
Roger (Mauritius), ____ (Cameron) and Emmanuel (Ghana)
Emmanuel (Ghana), Peter (South Africa), Elvis (Mauritius) and Mme Dieng (Senegal).

Mauritius Islands - Port-Louis the Capital of Mautitius on the northwest coast of the island. A very nice city, considered as a "Singapore model" in its centre with a charming waterfront. See this site with its history and better photos than mine.
The swimming pool with a nice restaurant and bar.
The bungalow where I stayed, in front of the beach.

The stairs to the restaurant of Coco Beach Hotel in Belle-Mare.

Trying to have Eugene's view of the Aquilles paradox but she was a little bit shy and very busy eating the grass very close to my bungalow.
Dodo bird and the Portuguese. Around 1505 the Portuguese became the first Europeans to discover the dodo. By 1681 it had been driven to extinction by humans and the feral dogs, pigs, rats, and monkeys introduced by Europeans to Mauritius.

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wow this is awesome!it's nice there huh..i'm pretty sure that you really had a great time..It's so fantastic to be in this place relaxing from hustles in life..i had tried Veranda Pointe Aux's cool there also..i love the ambiance..

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